Tyler Middle Mount


tyler middle mount

Old Fashioned Brute Gyros for Aerials on a Budget

The middle mount is a side mount designed for all but the largest of camera packages. With its counterbalanced free-floating and gyro-stabilised mount arm, the middle mount helps deliver stable and dynamic images.FAA STC approved for:

• Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 (Astar / TwinStar)

• Bell 206 / 206L (Jet Ranger / Long Ranger)

When used with the ARRI Alexa camera the system offers full camera control and monitoring:

• 17” HD preview monitor

• Frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second

• Full remote control of frame rate, shutter angle and ISO

• Long record times (when used in conjunction with the Cinedeck field recorder.)

• Iris control.

• Zoom control.

• Iris control.