Tyler Mini Gyro


Tyler Mini Gyro TN

Flexible, Easy and Amazingly Portable 

The Tyler MiniGyro stabilises, removes tremores, bumps, wobbles and undulation from any moving vehicle or platform, creating a smooth flower movement with ease.The MiniGyro allows us to produce gyro stabilized images at very, very cost effectively.The gyro sits on a pogo stick-like contraption which helps to smooth out any bigger bumps and the camera effectively just floats there.It’s quick setup time is also very appealing and the unit is ideal in situations where there is limited budget, limited setup time, or for remote area work.

It can be used on helicopters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes, boats – even on a simple push trolley in a studio or location shoot.

The MiniGyro will take any size and type of camera up to 18kg, including all stills cameras, any brand and type of SD or HD video camera, 16mm and 35mm film cameras.

No aviation approval is required. No installation time. It suits any size helicopter, even a small Robinson 44.

The unit features an adjustable tilt head, handles and quick release plate. It can be assembled and disassembled in about 10 minutes-