Tyler Camera Systems

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Peter is one of the few aerial Directors of Photography who is also a Tyler Mount Certified Technician. That means he can service the most demanding aerial cinematography needs in the most skilful and efficient way possible. In remote locations in particular this can be a major bonus as there is no need to employ additional technical crew to oversee mount installation requirements.

As for Tyler Mounts… for decades they have remained one of the leaders in gyroscopically stabilised helicopter camera mounts for motion picture cinematography.

Peter is qualified to install and operate these rigs:

Tyler Nose Mount: for those dynamic front-on aerial shots.

Tyler Middle Mount: a side mount for broadcast and 35 mm film cameras which will fit into Jet Ranger or Squirrel Helicopters.

Tyler Major Mount: the premier mount for motion picture cinematography capable of supporting the biggest camera packages out there – including IMAX and 3D rigs.

For projects with tighter budgets, or those demanding a compact solution, Tyler’s Mini Gyro is also available. This unit delivers stabilised images when working from the air or ground – albeit with certain limitations…


TYLER Middle Mount   |   Tyler Mini Gyro