I’m just back from LA where I’ve been doing some advanced digital cintematography and 3D training. What a great experience it was. 11 hours a day firmly ensconced at Sim Video and Red Studios in Hollywood. My mind is exploding by the end of it!

Then on the afternoon of day 2, out came a working Red Scarlett. I played around with interest, with this shot snapped by Vincent Gracie of the SantaFe Workshops. Little did I know that this was in actual fact the first public outing of a working Scarlett!! Who would have thought, a cinematographer from Sydney bums his way over to LA and ends up getting a scoop! Cameraman ‘s luck?

Anyway, Scarlett is an exciting little camera which sports a 2/3″ sensor with tiny form factor and very high quality imaging. It’ll be great for shooting in tight spaces, or for genuinely compact 3D rigs.

This second photo shows two (model) Scarlets mounted on the newly designed Element Technica Atom Rig. Now you may think that looks large – but anyone who’s every seen your bog standard rig designed to carry a conventional film or high end digital camera will attest that this is incredible. If 3D does take off I can’t help getting the feeling that 2/3 inch sensors will regain popularity as the deeper depth of field characteristics of a smaller sensor will once again become more desirable. Scarlett will be ideally placed. Personally I can’t wait for the absolute obsession with shallow focus shooting to be banished to the wastelands. That’s not to say shallow depth is bad (I love it!) it’s just that it’s not always good either!

And now it’s just announced that the 2/3″ scarlett is no more and it’s going to be a cut down Epic. Well as Red says… “everything is subject to change…” Pity, I was excited about the prospects of a really compact 2/3″ camera with high quality recording.