Canon DSLR cameras might be all the rage for shooting video nowadays. But the reality is there are many trade offs when doing so.

They might offer a relatively cinematic look but they are far far far from even close to a professional production camera. It feels almost bizarre having to write a blog entry about this, and then showing a clip which compares this camera with a serious production tool like Arri’s new Alexa Digital Cinema camera. But I feel compelled to do so because of the ridiculous level of misinformation about the quality of DSLR image capture. I can prattle off a list as long as my arm as to why these cameras are a second-rate choice for anyone who seriously values the quality of their project and also wants maximum reliability in the data they capture.

The clip above is a profoundly technical example of how, when only the bare minimum amount of grading is applied, the image from a Canon DSLR begins to crumble in post. And let’s face it – in the digital age with all the fabulous post production tools available to us, we need to be able to confidently manipulate our images in order to bring out the very best in every project!

This simple, yet striking test was shot by Nick Paton, ACS.