I had hoped Arri’s new Alexa camera camera might come in at a price point a little less than the 50000 euro base Arri has announced at NAB. Especially when you consider the cost of a Red package. None the less, the images that are coming out of this tough looking little bugger are looking very fine indeed. The decision to support native pro res recording to SxS as well as Arri Raw is an exciting one.

Now I’m left wondering whether the significantly lower recording resolutions when compared to those planned by Red would frustrate me. Or will the picture quality be more succulent, it’s low light performance shine like nothing seen before etc etc etc and thus make it all worthwhile. And the maximum frame rate will be 60fps, slow when again compared to what RED has in the pipeline. Never the less I can’t wait to try one. Exciting times for 2010 and 2011.