The Arri Alexa here shown with my Arri Alura 18-80mm lens, 7″ Field Monitor and Cinedeck Extreme portable field recorder attached.

Well, it’s taken many months, but finally my Arri Alexa has arrived. We’ve been testing her extensively over the past few weeks and while there is still much to do, I’m feeling that the kit is just about production ready.

With the kit I have purchased two Arri zoom lenses. The wonderful 18-80mm Alura and the monster 45-250mm Alura. Prime lenses will be available on a job by job basis.

Additionally I have also taken delivery of the Cinedeck Extreme portable field recorder. This has many advantages. Long record times, excellent monitoring facilities and, most importantly, it will support ArriRaw recording. ArriRaw is the highest quality and most unadulterated image that Alexa will deliver.

For most of us however, the Alexa’s ProRes workflow will be the way to go. This is very very cool because the camera records natively to 10bit or 12bit ProRes files and these can drop directly into any up to date Avid or Final Cut system. It is the most insanely simple post production path ever created for high-end production.

And don’t forget – all that comes with the most delicious, organic-looking images ever created by a digital cinema camera. Alexa’s ability to handle highlights in particular has to be seen to be believed.

Once you’ve tried it, you’re all going to love this camera as much as I do!

Exciting times.