Just off the chopper after having shot aerials using the Tyler Mini Gyro. I first came across this great little device touring the corridors of the last SMPTE exhibition and have been waiting for an opportunity to try it. The mini Gyro allows us to produce gyro stabilized images for sequences like aerials, car to car and the like. All at a very very cost effective rate, renting out at around $700 per day. The gyro sits on a pogo stick-like contraption which helps to smooth out any bigger bumps and the camera effectively just floats there.

In the context of aerials I shot, I was able to jump into the chopper place the gyro mounted camera between my legs, take off and start shooting out the side door. Very attractive when you need to get higher standard aerials with limited setup time, or for remote area work. (www.minigyromounts.com.au)