We went through a really interesting exercise the other day shooting a couple of the lads from The Chaser at the ABC Studios in Sydney. The sequence was essentially an FX shoot where two of the Chaser lads presented the opening sequence for an awards night to camera.

Woopy doo you say. Why bring in a specialist cameraman from Sydney and go to all that effort in a big expensive television studio? Well, ultimately their image will be keyed and prepped, then put through a very flashy prioprietory system which projects a lifesized (or bigger) 3D holographic like image onto a screen. So… if you want to get really flashy about your live venue displays and image projection, this is so the way to go.

We shot the guys against green, having to take special care to light them in a way that works best for the Musion system. I used the Sony PDWF800 HD Camera but recorded to the new Cinedeck multi format recorder. How awesome is this device. You can record uncompressed, prores 422 and 444, Avid DNx, Cineform and more, all down to solid state esata drives. It also has a field monitor with waveform, vectoscope and other goodies. Audio remains an issue shooting prores, but I hope that will be ironed out in the next firmware upgrade.

More about Musion: http://www.musion.co.uk/

Shooting Star Picture company is involved in producing content for Musion in Australia.